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Auspicious Home Dining Set


Welcome prosperous beginnings and indulge loved ones in the comfort of home with the premium Auspicious Set, a special gourmet line-up of seven signatures curated by the 藝 yì culinary team. 

The Auspicious Set is perfect for 8 persons and includes:

Chilled Salted Free-range Chicken
Rolled Yellow Croaker with Sichuan Peppercorn
Barbecue Iberico Pork Char Siew
Braised Pork Belly with Dried Oysters
Sauteed King Prawns with Spicy Creamy Pumpkin Sauce
Prosperity Seafood Treasure Pot (10-head Abalones, Scallops, Dried Oysters, Chinese Mushrooms and Braised Pork Tendons)
Chef Jereme’s Signature Golden Fried Rice with Preserved Meats

Takeaway orders require a minimum of 3 days notice.