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Raffles English Breakfast Tea Bag


The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. for Raffles Singapore English Breakfast loose leaf tea come in a beautiful box, perfect as a gift for friends and family members, or just to treat yourself. Beaming with uplifting notes of sweetness, followed by soft floral hints, adding an edge to its rich character. This timeless brew starts out mellow and sweet, going all the way to a rich and robust, yet smooth flavour profile. A slight malty aftertaste coats the palate. 

A perfect breakfast accompaniment or a mid day energy boost.

Brewing Temperature & Time : 

95°C - 100°C / Light : 1 Min. ; Medium : 2-3 Min. ; Strong : 3-5 Min.

Ingredients : 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea

20 Tea Bags Net Weight : 50g