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Raffles Sweet Berries Tea Bag


The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. for Raffles Singapore Sweet Berries Tea comes in a beautiful box, perfect as a gift for friends and family members, or just to treat yourself. Blissful notes of fresh berries dominate the aroma, with a delicate hint of sweet tartness towards the end. Delicious burst of sweet berries hits the palate right from the start. Every sip is like taking a large bite of juicy sweet berries. Fruity undertones linger on in the aftertaste.

A great start or finish to your day. Serves perfectly on ice.

Brewing Temperature & Time : 

96°C - 98°C / Light : 2-3 Min. ; Strong : 3-5 Min.

Ingredients : Apple, Hibiscus, Elderberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Flavouring

20 Tea Bags Net Weight : 30g